Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo

A few weeks ago my Mom Jill, Amber, Zack and I took the kids to Kangaroo Zoo and they all loved it! I was worried that Hailey would have a hard time keeping up with Braxton but her little legs never stopped moving!! If there was a slide to go down that was pretty high to climb Braxton would just get behind her a push her little butt all the way to the top!!! Both kids slept 12 hours that night! So if you are trying to find a fun place to take your kids ( since mother nature still thinks it is winter) I would suggest Kangroo Zoo!! We will be returning there soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter SUCKS!! But Magformers don't

With two little kids that can't go outside unless it is over 50 degrees Winter months are very boring! So one night when I was watching QVC ( YES I watch QVC because Zack works Late some night and I can't sleep until he gets home) Anyway!!
They had these really cool magnets that were called MAGFORMERS! So Braxton and Hailey both got a set from Santa for Christmas! I knew that they would like them but I was not thinking that they both would spend countless hours playing with them! Not only do they love them but ever adult that comes to my house seems tp love them also! So if you are looking for a new toy to pass winter days I would go to QVC and check them out! Plus I love to take a bag of them with us when we go out to eat and my kids just sit at the table and build with them while we wait for our food!